5 Alive Program

by | Feb 20, 2018 | News & Updates

The “5 Alive” Program

The “5 Alive Program” allows us to give back to our clients who choose Top Notch Inspection Services to perform their home inspection.

Here is how it works:

We know behind every client is a professional realtor guiding them thru the home buying or selling process. When a client books an inspection with us we keep track of who their trusted realtor is.

Once a realtor has five (5) inspections to their credit they will receive a $25 courtesy discount.  The realtor may request that we apply the courtesy discount whenever they feel it is appropriate.  Military, first responders, and educators already qualify for a $25 discount, so you may want to increase their discount or share the 5 Alive discount with someone not in those career fields.

With the 5 Alive discount available your every day, hardworking man or woman will have an opportunity to receive a savings on their home inspection cost too. It’s just another way to give back to our community.

It’s a program to show our appreciation and reward the realtors for all their hard work and loyalty. We hope that you’ll enjoy sharing the 5 Alive discount with one of our mutual clients.

This idea was shared by a professional realtor who always looks out for the best interest of her clients. And in so many ways has been a mentor to me. I was reminded of a great advertisement, “The Difference between Dollars and Ideas.”

You have a dollar.
I have a dollar.
We swap.
Now you have my dollar.
We are no better off.
• • •
You have an idea.
I have an idea.
We swap.
Now you have two ideas.
And I have two ideas.
• • •
That’s the difference.
• • •
There is another difference. A dollar does only so much work. It buys so many potatoes and no more. But an idea that fits your business may keep you in potatoes all your life. It may, incidentally, build you a palace to eat them in!

Thank you so much Rhonda for your brilliant idea. May it bring more professional realtors like YOU.



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