What Will a Home Inspection  Not  Cover?

Not only, it is very important to understand what is covered with your home inspection. But also, what will a home inspection not cover?

1. For one thing, we do not create damages to walls or finishes in the home. In other words, we are not going to open a wall to determine if there is insulation or not. 

This is a non-invasive, non-destructive visual examination of the accessible areas of the home.

2. We are not going to determine if your floors are completely level or that your rooms are square.

3. If there is a Septic Tank on the property we do not examine it. That’s a job for a contractor who specializes in septic system maintenance and repair.

4. We do not address aesthetic concerns or matters of taste, especially cosmetic defects.

5. It will not be our decision to tell you if you should buy the property or not. 

6. We will not move any personal items such as throw rugs, window treatments and ceiling tiles, etc.

7. There will be no inspection of  intercoms, speaker systems or security systems.

8. We do not test for dangerous substances. These may include asbestos, radon, methane, radiation, formaldehyde and more. Click here https://topnotchinspectionservices.com/why-hire-us/ for a list of our certifications.

9. We may give a general overview of a pool’s pump or heater to verify if it is working. For example we will review the area and pool for safety issues. Yet, for a detailed inspection of a pool or spa we recommend hiring a professional pool inspector. 

10. Our company does not test the soil beneath a home’s foundation for geological issues.

11. We are not exterminators. If we see pests we may call it out otherwise if this is a major concern hire a pest control company. 

12. If it is safe to do so, we will climb your roof. Otherwise we may elect to use a drone. Or ask you to contact a roofing contractor.

13. We will not perform repairs on ANY home we inspect because it violates our industry’s Code of Ethics.

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Click here https://bit.ly/2NSXM4i for Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

Note: Here at Top Notch Inspection Services, Inc. we abide by the Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

In our review of the home we may “elect” to include more items for review that may prove to be of concern to the client.

“We would rather tell you 10 things that in the end are “no big deal” vs. the one thing you wish you had known.” -Michael D. Stoneman Jr.

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